Sales Development Manager Training

The Tenbound Way™ Sales Development Training System is designed to prepare Sales Development Team Managers not only for the challenges of building a strong team today, but to set a foundation for future success in a sales manager's career.
Through a set of structured lessons that build upon each other, Sales Development Managers complete the training ready lead their teams to success contributing to business objectives. 

Training and coaching modules not only allow you to manage your team to successful goal attainment month after month, but also provides a framework to help your sales team meet their own personal objectives in sales skills and career advancement.

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44 Lessons

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SDM Training

SDM Training Welcome! (Video)

Start here at the video introduction to the SDM course featuring David Dulany.

Sales Development Manager Training - Course Overview

Welcome to the Sales Development Management Course

Questions for Starting the Course

What are the participants thoughts on this course? (goals / expectations)

SDM Training Culture - Preview Slides

Preview the slides for the first video module on creating a sales culture within your organization.

Culture Module Video

Please review this video slide presentation about creating a sales culture at your organization.

Training Culture Handout

Leadership vs. Management - Preview Slides

Leadership vs. Management Module (Video)

Leadership vs. Management Handout

Recruiting Handout

Hiring (+ Recruiting) - Preview Slides

Hiring Module (+ Recruiting) Video

This video module discusses recruiting and hiring.

Onboarding Handout

Training vs. Coaching - Preview Slides

Training vs. Coaching Module (Video)

Training vs. Coaching Handout

Ongoing Team Training Handout

Coaching - Preview Slides

Coaching Module Video

Coaching Process Handout

Team Cadence

Team Motivation

Performance Management Handout

Managing Out Handout

Analysis - Preview Slides

Analysis Module Video

Understanding the Funnel

Metrics Overview Handout

Understanding Process Choke Points Handout

Results - Preview Slides

Results Module (Video)

Managing Up Handout

Working Across Departments Handout

Reputation - Preview Slides

Reputation Module Video

Personal Career Planning Handout

Becoming an Industry Thought Leader

Situation Cards

How to Be a Great SDR Manager

Developing a Strategic Plan

SDR Managing Training Links

SDR Training/Coaching/Assessment Outreach

Handouts - Complete Course Library

Epilogue - SDR Management Training Course